We have all looked at one of our rooms and thought, “Hmmmm… there’s something missing”. My hope is that one of our pieces can help complete your home by letting natural beauty fill that empty space.

I grew up in Minnesota surrounded by woods. Growing up, I enjoyed the peace and quite of nature, but I would never have appreciated it as much as I do today if it weren’t for my dad. He’s a self-employed carpenter with an eye for beauty. Growing up watching him create furniture from scratch was mind blowing, but the thing I loved the most was when he would point out the individuality of each piece and the care God placed into it. Dad was so intentional about where each board was placed to best show off its beauty. Each dresser, drawer, or cabinet wall was a work of art.

What makes Final Piece so special is the journey the merchandise takes to arrive in Oklahoma. My dad walks into the same woods that surrounded me as I grew up looking for a dead tree. Once he finds one, he cuts it up into specific shapes, dries it in his kiln, and then sands it down. The tree that would have been left to decay in the woods now has a new story: bringing natural beauty and joy to you.

You may be asking where I come into play in this business. I am a pyrography (wood burning) artist. Each piece you purchase can be made personal by adding a burned quote or design.

I hope our pieces will open your eyes to the stunning beauty nature has to offer.